Play the World

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It is aimed at a young audience (12-36 months). It’s an entirely photographic book.

This book, that photographs children who are 1-3 years old with their families and their experiences, tells about the exploration together (shared exploration).
The path of the series "Small Steps" is just like a little journey, inspired by Maria Montessori’s values ​​of listening and respect of feelings. Small and great explorations with the 5 senses of common objects that become games.
In Play the world there is the perception of the routine as a situation for an extended knowledge, where everyone can build experiences and the sense of "I" and "WE". The mother is the first "world" for a child, then the horizon becomes wider and the experiences, through the child’s senses, shape his reality. The child is always centered in the heart, in connection with the world: he can feel secure in his family and he can also start exploring from there.
It’s a book-mirror to see ourselves again with our children from their point of view.
Hardcover book. Rounded pages. Dimensions: 16x16 cm. Words and Pictures.