The Nine Months Calendar

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The Nine Months Calendar accompanies future parents for 42 weeks, from the very first days of pregnancy to the first months of the newborn’s life, with a lot of information (about pregnancy, childbirth, taking care of the baby), useful addresses, reading advice.
The Calendar can be used as a planner to write down important appointments and as a diary to record major events, nice stories, physical sensations but also emotions, doubts, dreams, hopes… All those special moments it will be great to reread and remember.
And after the birth, there is space to take note of the first steps of your baby’s development, attach your baby’s pictures, describe the baby’s growth.
In the Calendar you will also find a model ‘Delivery Plan’ to fill in and cut out, in order to think about what kind of childbirth you want to have and find the best place for you to deliver the baby.