The Right Breathing

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Protecting Children from Enlarged Adenoids, Allergies, Respiratory Tract Infections and Other Pathologies

“The right breathing” reminds us how many things we take for granted in our hectic modern life, first of all our children’s diseases. The mainstream mindset leads us to think that issues like allergies, enlarged adenoids, crooked teeth, frequent colds, snoring, asthma and learning disabilities are just a fact of nature for most children, who as a result overcrowd pediatricians’, otolaryngologists’ and neuropsychiatrists’ offices more than birthday parties.
Are we sure that is really how it has to be? Epidemiological studies show how these problems are sharply increasing in western countries (mostly urbanized and high-tech), but the state of pediatric health has not always been like this. In time, it shifted from acute infective diseases to chronically altered immunological responses; the common trait in this phenomenon seems to be the alteration of breathing and swallowing automatisms in small children, induced by an artificial lifestyle.
In “The right breathing” the situation is summed up using both old and very new evidences, providing several practical solutions for treating an allergic child at home, in addition to information and advice to switch from a passive pill-dispenser family to a model in which parents are actively invested in aiding their children’s natural and balanced growth.