The Gymnastics of Animals


32 illustrated cards, each one representing a funny animal doing a gymnastics exercise. On the other side of the card, poems and nursery rhymes to go with the movement. This casket is perfect to play with the family, but is also a useful tool for the nursery school to promote the child’s corporal education, his perception of space and time and communicate his interior world throughout body language.
2-8 years.

What a fantastic gymnastics are the animals doing…
There’s who tests himself with the equipements,
who relaxes in silence with the leg warmers,
and who counts the pushups.
Why does the flamingo has leg warmers?
How many pushups can the ox do?
Can the cow bend herself like a bow?
And how does the donkey fly?
Smiles and exercises in 32 cards,
with sweet and funny animals
everyone with his own nursery rhyme
and his special move.