My Baby

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Hardcover book for children 0-12 months.

In words and pictures, this book tells the story of a baby from his mother’s pregnancy to the moment of his first steps in the world: the central theme is the relationship.
The body and its senses, which are opened to the world, are in a continuous relationship. Relationship with mom and dad, grandparents, nature.

My baby is the first book of the series “Piccoli passi” and it is dedicated to the reception of the child in the family. The path of this series is just like a little journey, inspired by the values ​​of listening and respect of Maria Montessori.

Where should we start, therefore, if not from home, from the origin of each adventure, from our body? These beautiful photographs represent the whole body and its parts, the movement and the stillness, the contact, the independence in a space of confidence and security.

This is a book to share with our family and our children, to understand the mystery and the sacredness of birth and growth together.

Hardcover book. Rounded pages. Dimensions: 16x16 cm. Words and Pictures.