Labouring and giving birth without fear

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How to interpret pain functions during childbirth and relieve it naturally

Today, labour pain can no longer be seen as an enemy to be defeated at all costs, including jeopardizing mother and child's health. Quite the reverse, such pain my be interpreted as a powerful guide offered by Nature towards birth, helping you find a safe place where to give birth to your child, understand how your labour is progressing, perform the right movements and choose the best positions to relieve pain and favour birth...
When you finally understand the nature of labour pain and what increases or reduces its perception, you can use pain as a precious ally for a safe, conscious birth, respecting mother and child's health.
As it may not be easy, a guide to birth restoring your innate, instinctive ability to give birth is really recommended, based on a deep faith in your body and female skills!
This is a guide for future mothers - and all those who may be interested in going more in depth into such issues – to discovering all the tools helping you giving birth consciously, healthy and without fear!