Vaccination: searching the lower risk

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Why i vaccinated my children but NOT my grandchildren

Among the 29 European Countries (27 from the UE, with Norway and Iceland), 15 don’t have any mandatory vaccination and the other 14 do have at least one in their immunization programme. Italy is part of latter group, but with a trend, in the latest years, that expands the vaccinations’ number for reasons often unrelated with the indisputable purpose of protecting people’s health. Vaccination for Hepatitis B was made compulsory by law in 1992 by the then-minister De Lorenzo, after a kickback he received by the vaccine producer; the ASL have lately introduced economic incentives to be given to doctors for every vaccination shot; meningitis alarm was launched in the same year when there were statistically less cases reported. The fabrication of the supposed epidemic by international organisms responsible for health vigilance has definitively broken the public opinion about their reliability. Beside of providing medical information that every parent should have before vaccination, Eugenio Serravalle goes over problems, irregularities and transgressions of health politics in the last ten years, not just only with his own view, but bringing a primary element: the patient voice, that of who has personally lived the tragic health choices operated often without caution and without defences for the families involved. Restricting oneself to the report is not enough, and this is why the author answers in a careful and accurate way to his patients’ question: “What would you do if you were minister of health?”